Monday, 17 January 2011


salam :)
hi peeps! ouh, its seems ages i didnt update my blog.
saye busy. harap maap. hee~
ceh. padahal pemalas. keh3.

there are lots n tons of things i want to write about and share.
tapi ade orang baca bukak belog ni ke?
xpe. because i seriously need somewhere to write 
about all the madness-experience of life that i have been through after couples of months.

bese lah. 
hidup ni tak kan lari dari sedih-sakit hati-suke-gembira-terase-susah-senang

ouh. esok saye exam topics in inorganic chemistry n analytical chemistry.
pray for me.

walaupun sbnrnye xabes lagi bace.

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